Where to Get Rope

So You Need Rope?

There are many places to purchase rope, some better than others.

For starters, you can go to Lowe's or Home Depot and buy 1/4" braided nylon -- get three lengths of 30' and one length of 10'. This will be an inexpensive entry point into rope.

For more expensive/premium rope you will need some additional sources. Here are some recommendations:

deGiotto Rope out of Katy, TX. I have personally used deGiotto's Jute, Palm Frond, and Bamboo Silk. Their products are hand spun and well made, and are a reasonable price for the quality. They have a wide variety of colors and rope types in stock. Their customer service is excellent.

AinawaRope. This company is run by Zetsu who is co-founder of the L.A. Rope Dojo. The jute comes directly from Japan. Pricing is higher than local sources, but the jute is more of a premium grade product. We have used ainawa jute and find it is good quality.

We have not used products from the following sources, but others in the community have and we provide them here so you can look into their products:

Twisted Monk

M0c0 Jute


Boss Bondage


If you have any questions, please contact us.