What Knot?

Why Tie What Knot Video - by Wykd_Dave

Wykd_Dave from the U.K. shows two variations on Boola Boola single column tie:

Knots 1 & 3: Boola Boola (square knot)

Benefits: Simplest of all knots, easily comes apart

Disadvantages:  Limited range of pull, easily comes apart especially when outside the range of pull

Knots 2 & 4: Boola Boola (granny knot)  ATU teaches this style in the Safety and Intro Class (Granny Knot)

Benefits: Simple to tie, when tied correctly holds with a wider range of pull, comes apart easily

Disadvantages:  harder to untie vs. square knot, but still comes apart fairly easily

Wkyd_Dave also talks about DIRECTION of the rope after the knot is tied.  This is important to learn and consider as you advance in your skills.