Need Rope?

Need rope? Here is what we recommend:

Since our inception ropes from deGiotto Rope have been an intricate part of All Tied Up San Diego's experience. Having visited the headquarters of deGiotto Rope several times we can attest to the enormous pride and craftsmanship that goes into this rope.

We recommend purchasing a minimum of (4) 30' lengths of 12/1 6mm Jute for those starting off. Check out deGiotto's rope starter kits! If you'd like more details, please see below.

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What kind of rope and what version, length, color do I need?

These are some things you should consider before making your choice:

Jute Rope - the rope used in the pictures on this site is all jute. Jute is half the weight of hemp so it is lighter to carry and faster/easier to tie.  Jute also has a shine to it that makes photos look good, like the background image of this page.  Jute rope is what is used by All Tied Up San Diego in all of the introduction classes. One disadvantage of jute is that it is not washable.

Hemp Rope - some people prefer hemp rope.  The benefits of hemp is that it is stronger and more durable than jute, and can become softer over time. Hemp can also be washed, but this is not recommended as it has to be dried under tension. Washing also may weaken your rope.

What kind of jute rope do I need?   We recommend the 12/1 6MM rope.  The 12/1 is a thicker yarn than the 10/1 or 8/1 variants. The 12/1 is a more durable yarn which means your rope lasts longer, with proper care.  The 6mm size is just right for maintaining good area contact on the body without being too thin or being too bulky and not giving the fine finished look.

What length of rope do I need?  To do most basic ties, you will need (3) 30' lengths of rope and a shorter piece of 10' or 15'.  To start out we recommend that you get (4) 30' ropes and plan on cutting one in half, but deGiotto Rope has a Starter Kit that includes one additional 30' length.

What color rope?  Well that is a personal choice, deGiotto Rope offers a myriad of colors.  We like the natural color of jute, but you can get hot pink if you like!

Note: A STARTER KIT of 12/1 6MM jute rope is offered by deGiotto Rope.  The bundle reflects a discounted price compared to buying individual pieces.

All of the pictures on this website are using deGiotto Ropes.

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