Slack Chat

Slack Chat 

Welcome to the community!

This post is open for editing at any time.  Last update 6/10/2018.

As a way of helping you (and the rest of us) understand the rules of the road, I created this post for you to reference. Being part of this community means you agree to the following:

  • This community is for those who want to be part of All Tied Up San Diego's group.
  • This group is rope/kink-centric and will have discussions about adult topics including the use of photos and videos of an adult nature.
  • We are here to have FUN!
  • We are here to build the All Tied Up San Diego community!
  • We are here to build friendships to do things outside of All Tied Up too!
  • You are here of your own free will and no one has or is forcing you to be part of this group. If you want to be here, then please participate, be part of the community here and at events.
  • Please keep the chat respectful and polite. If you have a grievance about someone or something it is up to you to communicate with the admins and owners of this group.
  • NO TROLLING. You are here to be part of this group. Activities that are deemed meant to isolate someone via private messages or harassment or other means will not be tolerated.
  • Remember your REPUTATION is the only thing of value in the kink community. If you ruin it, that is on you.

Any questions please message SirKnottyDan.