Safety and Introduction Class (Prerequisite)

Safety and Introduction Class (Prerequisite)

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This is the most detailed and thorough rope safety and introduction class in the United States! You will spend 3 hours in direct instruction with our trained staff. By the time you leave you will have either tied or been tied in three different ties that will give you lots of opportunities after class. Plus, you'll get the opportunity, after class, to join the largest rope community in Southern California!  This amazing community is about more than just rope and can help you to connect with others, and improve your skills!

When & Where?

At the start of every Rope Practice & Instructional (RP&I) Events on

On Wednesday doors open at 6:45 PM to allow you to register for the event. Class will start at about 7:15 and go until the end of the event.

On Saturday doors open at 9:45 AM to allow you to register for the event. Class will start at about 10:15 and go until the end of the event.

Cost: $20 cash-at-door or via Eventbrite to attend the 3-hour Safety and Intro Class. $20 per person.

Please be on time. 

All attendees of the RP&I event must take the Safety & Intro Class. If you are late and have not taken the class there is a chance you will not be allowed into the RP&I event. 

You only have to take it once, then you are free to participate at future events.

The class covers the following items:

  • What is Shibari / Kinbaku?
  • BSDM Overview / Stages of a Tie
  • What to Bring
  • Etiquette
  • Anatomy / Safety
  • Three Important Entry-level Ties
    • Single Column
    • Double Column
    • Arms-free Chest Harness

People of all genders, gender preferences, ethnicities, identities, ages (18+), sizes, and couples and singles alike are enthusiastically welcome. Please come open minded to work with anyone, regardless of their gender identity and sexual orientation. We will pair up unpartnered students based on availability.

You will leave the event with new knowledge and new things to practice and use at home and at future rope events!

Note: We also offer a beginner and advanced class. The 101 class is for those who have been through the Safety and Introduction class and looking to start adding tools to the their toolbox.  The  200 Series of Classes is a good place to move beyond beginning rope.  Event dates fluctuate so check the dates on the calendar.