Rope Practice and Instruction Events

Rope Practice and Instructional (RP&I) Events

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The RP&I events actually comprise two events in one - the Safety and Introduction Class and an Open Practice for those who are experienced.

The Safety and Intro Class starts off the night for for those who are new to our group and goes for the full time of the event.

The Open Practice for those more experienced ropesters, from 7:00 to 10:00 pm or 10 am to 1 pm.

Therefore, new people will want to be there right at the start. Once you have attended the Safety and Intro Class at least once, you then are allowed to participate in future Open Practices. If you are new to our group and you arrive late, you may be asked to leave and come again when you can attend the entire Safety and Intro Class.

No one is allowed to participate in the Open Practice without first having attended the Safety and Intro Class.

When:  1st Wednesday and 4th Saturday of each month!

Where: Contact Us


Weekday - 7:00 pm (doors open at 6:45 to register for the event) until 10:00 pm

Weekend - 10:00 am (doors open at 9:45 to register for the the event) until 1:00 pm on Saturday.


New to ATUSD - $20 cash-at-door or via Eventbrite to attend the 3-hour Safety and Intro Class. $20 per person.

Returning Attendee - If you have already attended the Safety and Introduction Class then cost is $10 per person.

Water and snacks will be provided.

All Tied Up Mission Statement

Dress code: See FAQ's

Please only undress to your level of comfort; remaining fully clothed is completely okay!

Event Etiquette, Rules, and Suspensions

What Do I Need to Come To An Event?

Please join our Fetlife Group: All Tied Up San Diego

Please know we will also ask you to show your legal ID and sign both a liability waiver and an understanding of the event rules before participating.

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