2nd Wednesday Ropetastic Romp Event

Want To Get Your Rope On? 

Get Tied Up . . . Or Do The Tying!

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Ropetastic Romp Event

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When:  2nd Wednesday of every month!

Who: Anyone who has been through the Safety and Introduction Class

Where: Contact Us

Time: 7:00pm to 10:00pm

Cost: $20 cash at the door or through Eventbrite (you MUST be pre-certified to attend this event).

The Ropetastic Romp is the event at which other toys and BDSM activites are allowed, provided rope is also involved in some way. You must have attended the Safety & Intro Class during the RP&I event to be able to attend the RR.

All play must be done within the enclosed dungeon space and not in the front lobby or patio areas.

Any scene that is complex or potentially disruptive needs to be cleared with event leadership PRIOR to the event. If you have any questions about what you are going to do, check with leadership prior.

All doors and curtains in individual rooms must remain open at all times.

Additional rules will be posted at the event. All rules are subject to change and be updated by All Tied Up San Diego at any time. Verify current rules at time of event.

All Tied Up Leadership and designated Dungeon Monitors (DM) will be overseeing the event and they have the final say on any issues that arise. Failure to listen to a DM’s direction will result in your removal from the RR event, without refund, and future attendance would be subject to approval.

Any questions or things you are unsure of need to be private messaged to SirKnottyDan.

The Ropetastic Romp event occurs every 2nd Wednesday of the month in the San Diego area.

All Tied Up Mission Statement

Dress code: Clothing Optional

FAQ's about the Romp:

1. Can I come alone? YES!
2. Can I just watch? YES!
3. Can I pay at the door? YES!
4. Can I bring my floggers, needles, whips, paddles, canes, wartenburg wheels, nipple clamps, and other kinky play toys? YES!
5. Can I bring a friend? Only if they have been through the Safety & Intro Class (no exceptions)
6. Will there be food? YES!
7. Will there be alcohol? NO!
8. Will there be DM's to monitor the event? YES!
9. Will there be music? YES! We have a great song set created by our own community!

Event Etiquette, Rules, and Suspensions

What Do I Need to Come To An Event?

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