What Knot?

Why Tie What Knot Video - by Wykd_Dave

Wykd_Dave from the U.K. shows two variations on Boola Boola single column tie:

Knots 1 & 3: Boola Boola (square knot)

Benefits: Simplest of all knots, easily comes apart

Disadvantages:  Limited range of pull, easily comes apart especially when outside the range of pull

Knots 2 & 4: Boola Boola (granny knot)  ATU teaches this style in the Safety and Intro Class (Granny Knot)

Benefits: Simple to tie, when tied correctly holds with a wider range of pull, comes apart easily

Disadvantages:  harder to untie vs. square knot, but still comes apart fairly easily

Wkyd_Dave also talks about DIRECTION of the rope after the knot is tied.  This is important to learn and consider as you advance in your skills.

All of the above knots are COLLAPSIBLE, which is a good thing!

Note: At the 5:30 mark of the video, Wykd_Dave talks about the Somerville Bowline single column tie, which is a UNCOLLAPSIBLE knot. LISTEN CAREFULLY to what he says about this knot. 

  1. He would not use this knot to start a harness with, especially a box tie or takate kote.
  2. There is no knot that can do everything.
  3. You will need different knots for different circumstances. 

All Tied Up San Diego does not recommend the Somerville Bowline as a beginner style single column. Work on the Boola Boola style single columns and master them first.