Monthly Events Listing

Monthly Events

Every month we have (at least) six different events for you to come to and enjoy rope, friends, and fellowship!

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Sometimes the dates and times need to change for scheduling purposes so please double check with us, but this is our typical schedule:

Events for New People:

1st Monday - BREW Munch!: FREE open social event) (San Diego/Miramar)

- 1st Wednesday - Rope Practice & Instruction: $20 per person *Prerequisite Event (RP&I)(San Diego/Miramar)

- 4th Saturday - Rope Practice & Instruction: $20 per person *Prerequisite Event (RP&I)(San Diego/Miramar)

Note: Once you have attended any of these events, your cost to return is only $10 for the above events.

Events for those who meet the requirements:

- 4th Saturday - Beginner 101 Rope Bondage Class: $20 per person (San Diego/Miramar)

- 1st Saturday - 200 Series Rope Instruction Classes: $60 per couple (San Diego/Miramar)

- 2nd Wednesday - Ropetastic Romp Event: $20 per person (RR)(San Diego/Miramar)

- 1st Wednesday - Open Practice: $10 per person (RP&I)(San Diego/Miramar)

- 4th Saturday - Open Practice: $10 per person (RP&I)(San Diego/Miramar)

Please contact us to RSVP for an event.  (This will also get you the address)

If you are new to our group you will be asked to go through our introduction class, which is done at the Rope Practice & Instruction events. This class is designed to ensure everyone in attendance has been through a class on rope safety, etiquette, and negotiation. If you are experienced and feel you have this knowledge and would like to skip the class, please contact us prior to the event. Class starts at the beginning of the event. If you are late and have not taken the class there is a chance you will not be allowed to participate. You only have to take it once, then you are free to participate at future events.

Note: 101 Classes, 200 Level Classes, Ropetastic Romp, and Special Events will, at minimum, require that you have attended a Rope Practice and Instructional event first, and the 200 Class Series has additional pre-requisites.

Please know we will also ask you to show your legal ID and sign both a liability waiver and an understanding of the event rules before participating. This needs done only once, then you are covered for all future All Tied Up events.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to send a message to us and we will get back to you!