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Q: How do I start?

A: Great question, everyone must start with the Safety and Introduction Class. This 3-hour class will get you off to a great start. The class is currently held on the 1st Wednesday and 4th Saturday of each month.

We have laid out a simple path for you to move from your first event to doing amazing, connected, intentional, and fully functional rope bondage successfully.  Click this link for more details.


Or, you can book a private lesson with us and get hands-on instruction in the privacy of your own location.

Q: How do I know when events are being held?

A: Sign-up for our email notifications! And check out the calendar page. 


Q. Who comes to these events?

A: Lots of different people! People of all genders, gender preferences, ethnicities, identities, ages (18+), sizes, and couples and singles alike are enthusiastically welcome.

Q: What is Shibari?

A: Shibari, also known as Kinbaku, is an art form using learned skills to perform sensual, dramatic, and erotic rope bondage. Traditional shibari has its origins in Japan.  Shibari is a style of rope art, it is not the only style. We welcome all styles of rope artists!

Q: Is rope safe?

A: Beginning rope work under the direction of an All Tied Up instructor is generally a very safe and fun activity.  Rope play in general is considered "edge play," which means you have the potential to be hurt.  We will cover most of the safety aspects of rope during the introductory class, and learn to apply them in the 100 and 200 Series of classes.  We strive to create a safe and fun environment, but like in any other sport or activity we make no guarantees that it is safe to do rope work.

Q: What is the environment at a Rope Practice & Instruction event?

A: To the surprise of many first time attendees, the events are very laid back and friendly.  We work to create a welcoming environment in which people can share and experience rope safely.  Check out our Event Etiquette page for more information.

Q: Do I need a partner or can I come alone?

A: Having a partner is a great way to attend. However, some people do not have a partner or friend they can bring.  We welcome everyone who comes, solo or partnered, and we can help you to find people to tie with for the first class. We will pair up unpartnered students based on availability in the Safety & Introduction Class. Please come open minded to work with anyone, regardless of their gender identity and sexual orientation. As with all things that come with adult responsibility, you will however have to work at finding partner(s) for future events.  Our community has a great communication system in place to help you meet people and become part of the community after you take the Safety & Introduction class.

Q: Is there nudity?

A: Depends on the venue. These events are private events and everyone who attends must sign waivers and rules forms, along with presenting a government issued I.D.  It is possible that some attendees will undress to their level of comfort based on venue. This ALWAYS a personal choice.

Q: Do I have to undress?

A: No!  There is no requirement for anyone to undress; please only do what feels comfortable!  If  you want to remain clothed, we strongly recommend that women do not wear a bra with an underwire.  We recommend wearing tight-fitting clothes that are cool and comfortable -- something that you might wear to a yoga class, for example.

Q: What is it like to be tied?

A: Each experience is unique to the individual, however many tell us that it feels like a good hug or a massage.  More advanced experiences can lead to ties that are beautifully decorative, painfully torturous, tightly bound, and/or put you in a creative predicament.

Q: What is it like to tie?

A: As you begin to tie you will find that your focus is on safety, proper execution, and placement.  You may feel like you are going through a series of steps in order to achieve a particular outcome.  Over time you will find that safety will ALWAYS be a concern, but you will be able to improve your flow and control.

Q: What do I need to do to come to an event?

A: If this is your first time, we recommend that you contact us and let us know you are interested.  We can then look for you at the event check-in and help you get started!  For what materials to bring please check out What Do I Need to Come To An Event?

Q: Can I just watch?

A: After you have taken the Safety & Introduction Class at a Rope Practice & Instruction event, you can just watch.  Watching is an acceptable action during an event, provided you are not interrupting or disturbing (being inappropriate) others. Many new attendees do spend time watching the amazing ties that are done by the more experienced Riggers and bottoms in our group.  This is a good way to learn too!

However, this is not a place to simply come and watch. Participation at some level during the event is expected.

Q: Is there food?

A: We provide light snacks, water, and juice drinks for Rope Practice & Instruction events.  The munch is typically at a brewery or restaurant at which you can purchase your own food, when available.

Q: What about consent?  

A: In the rope community, and in all of the kink community, consent is one of the primary matters to consider and receive PRIOR to doing ANYTHING with ANYONE.  Make no assumptions; do not touch anyone without their permission. Even before you hug someone you should ask, "May I hug you?"  If you receive a "Yes!" then you have consent.  A "No!" means . . . NO!

At All Tied Up events words like, "stop," "quit," "no," etc. . . . are all taken very seriously.  If anyone is saying these words we expect the Top to stop and respect the request of the bottom.  Any violation of this will result in immediate ejection from the event.

Q: Where are the events held?

A: Event locations are not posted on our website. To learn where an event will be held simply purchase your ticket and it will be given to you on the confirmation.

Q: Do you have a question that is not covered here?

A: Contact us and let us know!