DM Training Page Notes

Dungeon Monitor Training for RP&I  and Romp Events

Thank you all for expressing interest. DMing at the Romp AND RP&I events. It is not a difficult task, but it does have some things that we want to be clear about.

This position is one we feel is super important to ATUSD providing a space that is welcoming, friendly, inviting, and relatively safe. The DM's are the ones who are the additional eyes and ears of ATUSD during the event. 

Your primary role is safety and to be helpful, especially for new people.

While on shift, it is important that you move from room to room and observe the scenes that are occurring. Most people do not knowingly violate rules, but they can forget or just get excited and not remember them in the moment. You are counted on you to use your best judgement and to intervene if something seems out of place. Intervening can mean simply asking a question or it can mean stopping something that is a safety issue. If you need help or are unsure about something come grab me or Renee. You are empowered to intervene, but that doesn't always mean you should. With that comes the responsibility to know when to intervene.

It is important that you are familiar with all of the rules for both the RP&I and the ROMP, especially regarding suspensions, since all of these rules with modification (noise and toys) are in place during the ROMP.

Regarding suspensions, two things that are also important for you to determine before the play starts:

  • WHO is approved to suspend people.
  • WHO is approved to be suspended.

Just because someone is approved to be suspended, does not mean they are approved to suspend. See me before the event. If I am not there, someone else will be there to make that call (Probably Rob).

There are 2 shifts:

First Shift:  6:30 to 8:30

Second Shift: 8:30 until 10:30 (or we get out the door which is usually sooner).


  • Help setup the dungeon which may include lifting furniture, turning on lights, posting signs, and answering the door.
  • Helping the Ambassadors with new people and getting people seated for the 101 and S&I classes.
  • Helping experienced people get situated in the room. This may include helping to ensure hard points are not taken by those who will only be doing floor ties.
  • Keeping a watchful eye open for situations that may need help.


  • Keeping a watchful eye open for situations that may need help.
  • Help tearing down, removing signs, turning off lights, and cleaning up, this may include trash cans and rearranging furniture.


  • You get to serve a great group of people who share a common love.
  • You get to help your friends know and enjoy a safer space to tie together.
  • You will get in free to the event you are working. You can tie during the time you are not on shift.


You will have a yellow arm band to wear that will help people identify you in the DM role.


The best thing about this role is getting to watch all of the amazing things happening. Don't linger too long on one scene, but if something is being done that requires a bit more attention, let me or Renee know. We are glad to lend a hand.

One of the benefits for Renee and I about you DMing at the Romp, is we get to scene ourselves. This is a special treat for us. One thing to be very clear about though, if you ever need help or have a question, you can ALWAYS interrupt us in our scene. We do not expect you to take on responsibility for something that we need to handle. Just be our eyes.

For example, One Top was on their 3rd impact scene of the night. The first two scenes had visually included rope on the bottom. The last scene did not. Rather than stop the scene, when the top took a short break, I stepped in an whispered in the Top's ear, "I am sure the bottom has rope on their wrists under their head, right?" We both smiled and they kept going. This was more of a "heads-up" than a stop the scene issue. And even in this case I would recommend that you not say anything to the Top, but make a note and let Renee and I bring it up to the Top. Your PRIMARY role is SAFETY and being helpful.

If a rule is being broken, but it is not a safety issue, consider carefully whether it is an issue that "stop the scene" or "have a conversation after the scene" issue. In either case we do expect that you will communicate with me about any issues you had on your shift.

Also, remember that these people are usually your friends too. So, be gracious and kind if you intervene. Most times it is simply a misstep, not a blatant wrong-doing. 😉

Any questions please send me a message prior to the event.

- Dan & Renee