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So helpful

5.0 rating
October 11, 2018

Even if you discover that rope isn’t for you, I highly recommend this class. The safety and instruction class covers a great portion of how to play safely in general (ie negotiation, subspace and drops).
The instructors are extremely helpful, inclusive, and funny. They’ve worked really hard on developing the structure of their classes and it shows.


Good People Who Know The Ropes

5.0 rating
September 19, 2018

Coming from San Francisco I have been to bunch of kinky classes and All Tied Up is as good as it gets. They cover safety and try to scare you off a bit. They introduce you to the excitement, sensuality and playfulness of rope as well as basic ideas and techniques. The first course introduces you to broad rope concepts but it also teaches you some skills that you could be mastering for years. While focused on rope there is also enough coverage of general kink skills: negotiation, styles, etc., to get you started or take you further. Just as importantly, All Tied Up can be a warm and helpful community with plenty of events and people to take your new interest in rope as far as your heart desires. You have to show up and put some work into it but whether you are looking for just a taste or a college level experience All Tied Up is a good group. A lot of thought and love has obviously been put into the courses and the community.


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A Blast

5.0 rating
September 12, 2018

All Tied Up 101 was a great way to start learning about rope kink and art. I felt engaged the minute I walked in with brilliant instructors that made it a blast to learn. A great hands on approach that felt safe and comfortable. They supplied rope and found someone to pair me up with so we could try what we’ve learned.