1st Monday Rope Munch


What is a BREW Munch?

The BREW Munch is held at a local brewery and gives everyone a chance to socialize and meet like-minded others! We ask that you support the venue if you can.

When: The BREW Munch occurs on the 1st Monday of each month.

Why attend the BREW Munch?

  • It allows new and/or exploring people to gain access to information and meet those in our community who have a love for rope.
  • It gives the new person the comfort of being in a friendly, casual environment with like-minded kinksters.
  • It provides a place to look for someone to tie or someone to be tied by -- this is a great place to introduce yourself and start the conversation that can lead to that happening!

We recommend that you get there as early as possible to find a seat, order food, and settle in. Please support the venue.

If you are new, please introduce yourselves to the hosts SirKnottyDan and ReneeHayBailey. We can help introduce you to the group. Send us a message ahead of time telling us you are coming and we can be on the lookout for you (and also give you the address of the munch location)!

Rope Munch Etiquette – Be Respectful

1. Treat everyone with respect no matter their role, orientation, gender, race, or other difference from yourself.
2. It is not a time to tie or be tied, so leave your rope (and all your toys) at home or in the car.
3. Please keep your hands to yourself (unless you have consent) and even then keep it to a hug.
4. You are at a vanilla establishment so make sure your words and actions will not cause a problem.

Please Let Us Know You Are Coming!!!

Please RSVP as early as possible, and PLEASE keep your RSVP current.

If you have any questions please contact us!