Your Rope Journey

Your Rope Journey with All Tied Up San Diego

One question that gets asked is what are the steps I go through in order to become a skilled rigger or bottom? 

At All Tied Up San Diego we lay out the following path for you to start as a beginner and end doing high end intermediate rope.

Step 1. Rope Practice & Instructional Event - Safety & Intro Class

This is the very first step everyone must take to be part of the All Tied Up Rope Community.  Once you attend this class you are welcome to attend the Ropetastic Romp, 101 Classes, and Open Practice sessions.

Step 2. Rope Practice & Instructional Event - 101 Classes

These classes run at every Rope Practice & Instruction event. They are classes designed to help you get the basics down.

Step 3. 201+ Advanced Beginner Rope Classes

The 201+ classes are a huge success and will take you from how to bundle your rope through introduction to suspensions.

Additional Steps

Join us for a time of socialization and food at the BREW/Munch! It is a great way to meet others and plan upcoming rope practice sessions.