101 Level Class

Rope 101 Instructional Class

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The Rope 101 Instruction Class is an optional class designed to give those new to rope the chance to learn from an experienced instructor how to improve their rope work at a 101 level. It is a class that is Tie-Oriented class, meaning we want to teach how to tie and be tied in a variety of ties. Additionally, we will discuss the importance of giving feedback (both Tops & bottoms) and being an active participant during the tie.

To Take This Class You Must:

• have already been through the Safety & Introduction (S&I) Class.
• have your own partner (who has been through the S&I Class), rope, and other materials needed for the class. You are welcome to come on your own, but there is no guarantee that you will tie or be tied unless you find someone at the event willing to work with you. It is also okay just to watch!

Start Time: Approximately 15 minutes after start of RP&I event, total time approx. 75 minutes or longer.

Ties that will be covered by Event by Location:

101 Ties Taught Each Month per Event

1st Wed. in San Diego

January, April, July, and October:  Versatile Double Column  &  Hishi (Diamond) Harness

February, May, August, and November: Futomomo (Leg Tie)  &  Armbinder

March, June, September, and December: Pentagram Harness & Laddering/Corset Tie

2nd Tuesday in Carlsbad

January, April, July, and October:  Futomomo (Leg Tie)  &  Armbinder

February, May, August, and November: Pentagram Harness & Laddering/Corset Tie

March, June, September, and December: Versatile Double Column  &  Hishi (Diamond) Harness

4th Saturday in San Diego

January, April, July, and October: Pentagram Harness & Laddering/Corset Tie 

February, May, August, and November: Versatile Double Column  &  Hishi (Diamond) Harness

March, June, September, and December: Futomomo (Leg Tie)  &  Armbinder

Plus, other content to help you improve your rope experience!

Someone who is ready for our 201+ level can tie the following ties without needing any assistance or supervision.

  • Single Column Tie
  • Double Column Tie
  • An Arms Free Chest Harness

You might not be fast, but you know what to do!

The next levels of instruction are 201 and 301. The skills taught here might make your rope play more exciting, adventurous, sensuous, and torturous!