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Starting on June 23rd, we will be offering a
Saturday Morning Rope Practice & Instruction Event starting at 10 AM every 4th Saturday! The Rope Practice & Instruction Event's - Safety & Introduction Class is the first class that those looking to join the All Tied Up San Diego community must take. 

Starting in June it will be offered 3 times each month! 

So if weeknights are too difficult, this is a great alternative!

For those who have been through the Safety & Introduction Class,we will be offering our 101 Class and Open Practice area for you to learn and get your rope on!

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All Tied Up San Diego began instructing in the use of rope (shibari) for adult educational purposes in 2015. We host several monthly events related to the instruction and practice of using rope.

Since our inception, we have hosted over 150 different events and seen over 900 unique individuals come to those events. Each one has been through the Safety and Introduction Class to ensure that everyone coming to our events starts with information on consent, negotiation, communication, safety, anatomy, and beginning rope techniques.

Our instructors have attended training sessions with some of the world's foremost experts in shibari and other forms of rope bondage.

Check out the website and reviews to see why All Tied Up San Diego is a great place to start you rope journey!

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Who We Are

All Tied Up San Diego is a group for rope enthusiasts of all kinds. We are committed to safety, education, and growth of the rope community in the San Diego region. This is an all-inclusive group for rope lovers of all styles. If you love to tie or be tied, come join us!


What We Offer

We offer shibari and western rope bondage style classes from beginner to high-intermediate level rigging.  Occasionally we may bring in an outside presenter to teach more advanced skills or alternative styles of rope bondage.  Click here to learn how All Tied Up San Diego views the progression of rope skill development, from beginning to advanced.


Current All Tied Up Events Each Month

Currently All Tied Up San Diego has six different days and seven total events each month:

  1. BREW Munch - San Diego on 1st Monday

  2. Rope Practice & Instruction (RP&I) – San Diego on 1st Wednesday

  3. 201+ Rope Classes for Advanced Beginners Morning & Afternoon sessions - San Diego on 1st Saturday

  4. Rope Practice & Instruction (RP&I) – Carlsbad on 2nd Tuesday

  5. Ropetastic Romp (RR) - San Diego on 2nd Wednesday

  6. Rope Practice & Instruction (RP&I) – San Diego on 4th Saturday starting June 23rd, 2018

The RP&I events and the Brew Munch are the only events open to the public. For all other events you have to be pre-approved to attend.

We recommend that you join our group on FetLife.com.

You can also search for our events on Eventbrite!

We also have a Facebook Page.

We love both seeing our friends and meeting new people at our events!  We welcome your feedback and suggestions. Use our Contact Us page to tell us what we’re doing right or what we can improve on.

Looking for rope?

The instructional staff and many students use deGiotto Rope!  Please click the link above to purchase rope today!