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Introduction ropes

April 12, 2018

Great experience! If you want to know more about ropes , protocols,safety, tying and having a safe environment to learn, this is it. Can’t speak about future events but seems it can only get better. Informative, friendly, welcoming, engaging…and all that for a first impression.


A Relaxed and Educational Environment

April 11, 2018

I recently attended the ATU 101 Class and ended up learning a lot more than I expected. Dan and Renee both offer a relaxed and educational environment where any and all questions are acceptable and clear answers are given. Even the handouts had a ton of useful information crammed in it that I was able to read and re-read later on if there was anything I forgot. During the practice tie portion Dan himself did a great job offering tips wherever needed and made sure everyone was comfortable. Also, shout out to Nick along with Teal who helped demonstrate the harness tie. He also made sure to help me as I tried to figure it all out 😀


Strongly recommend!

April 9, 2018

All tied up provides excellent rope instruction at very reasonable prices. Dan and Rob’s passion for rope and sharing their skills is obvious in every class they teach. The progression of skills presented is well thought out and presented at a challenging but achievable pace. Classes provide a strong emphasis on safety and consent – something that every aspiring rigger should be keenly interested in.

In addition to teaching the skills of rope bondage, All Tied Up has managed to build up a really nice community of rope kinksters. All tied up hosts munches to encourage social interaction between attendees. I have always felt welcomed and respected by everyone associated with this organization.

Some persnickety suggestions to improve the classes:

The layout of the space that All Tied Up primarily uses functions well as a dungeon (its primary purpose) but poses challenges as a classroom. I suggest that the space that is currently designated “the stage” is not ideally suited to allow the best viewing angle to the greatest number of people. I often find myself watching the side of a tie being performed and it is difficult to understand what is being done. As most tops need to relocate themselves closer to the stage to see the tie being performed anyways, I propose moving the area where tying is demonstrated to in between floor locations 15 and 18, or in between floor locations 1 and 3.

Paper handouts are distributed at the beginning of each class. I generally find these useful both during the class and as a reference after. I think these handouts would be even more powerful pedagogical tools if they were emailed out a couple days before: this would allow more novice riggers (like me) to develop some familiarity with the topics that are to be covered and ensure they are preserved for posterity for people who are good at keeping track of electronic files but not paper (also like me).

Overall, I greatly appreciate the opportunity to learn from Dan and Rob and would recommend this organization to anyone interested in rope bondage. Coming to All Tied Up events is one of the highlights of my month.


Response from

Thank you for the review and thoughts! We love having you both at the classes! We’d love to find a space more conducive to the class setting and we are grateful to have the space we do have! If you know of something, please let me know! We will have to discuss further the emailing of the handout head of time. Unfortunately, in some cases the handout is being finalized the night before the class, thus making emailing it difficult, but definitely something to consider. Look forward to seeing you and your partner at future events! -Dan