All Tied Up 201+ Rope Instruction Class


Want to take your rope skills to the next level?

Then 201+ is for you!  

The Advanced Rope Bondage Instruction

in San Diego!

You must meet pre-requisites and be pre-approved to attend this class.


When:  1st Saturday of every month! (although subject to change, so check with us)

Where: Contact Us

Time: Usually 1pm-4pm (but subject to change, so check with us)

Cost: $30 per couple (you must come as a couple or +$15 for a triad)

Payment must be made on Eventbrite OR by paying us at one of or other events prior to the event.  You will need to contact us for the Eventbrite link.

No payments will be taken at the door.

So what is a 201+ Class?

We have a page that lists out the type of ropey goodness one would find at different levels 101, 201, 301, etc hoping that might add more clarification.

But generally speaking, our 201+ Class, starts where the 101 class ended. The 201+ Class is for “advanced beginners.”

And while the 201+ Class contains lots of good information for both Tops and bottoms, it’s primary focus is on teaching the Riggers how to Rig! There will be bottom-focused content offered regularly, but the main focus is on the how-to of tying.

Am I an “advanced beginner”? How do I know?

You are an advanced beginner if you meet all these criteria:

As a Rigger/Top:

1. You have attended at least three All Tied Up Rope Practice & Instruction events  (hereafter known as RP&I, because typing).
2. You have attended a Club X Shibari 101 class – or similar classes in your own community (more on that to come, keep reading).
3. You know basic anatomy for rope bondage and why this is important.
4. You know basic rope negotiation.
5. You know how to tie these ties, without assistance:

a. Single Column
b. Double Column
c. Simple (arms-free) Chest Harness

6. You know what the Bight and the Leads are.
7. You know how to extend rope.
8. You have your own rope, safety cutters, floor covering, and blindfold.

As a bottom:

1. You have attended at least one RP&I event.
2. You know basic anatomy for rope bondage and why this is important.
3. You know basic rope negotiation.

We know some people coming from out of the immediate area may already have rope experience. If that is you, please convey that in your message when you contact us, and we will get back to you. We want you to join us!

We DO expect that most of the current local community riggers and bottoms who attend rope practices regularly will be able to attend.

Why do bottoms need to meet pre-requisites too?

Because bottoms are important too!

We feel it is essential that bottoms have an idea of what they are getting into as bottoms, especially for a 201+ Class that will include more advanced material. So some basic education on anatomy, negotiation, risk, basic etiquette, respect and general common sense is required.

How do I know if I want to attend?

That’s a great question! This class is not for everyone. If you are someone who just wants to play around in the bedroom, and not really improve the finer points of your rope tying, then rock on with your bad self and enjoy!  But then the 201+ Class probably will not hold much interest for you.

These classes are designed for those who really want to learn all they can about rope, both hard and soft skills, and who are up for a fairly rigorous class. Yep, rigorous. Fast-paced. Let me say that again – fast-paced. This class will be fast-paced, and it’ll start on time, and it’ll be content-focused, and fun. Definitely fun.

Did you say fast-paced?

The 201+ Class will be a three-hour event. This means we will have two hours and 45 minutes of class time, with 15 minutes at the end to clean up and pack up. You are encouraged to come 15 minutes early to set up, because class will start right on time.

If you arrive late (and we know things happen and sometimes that can’t be avoided) we will not be able to back-up and review what was already taught. But you can join in and pick up where we are, you can certainly learn quite a bit from just watching and taking notes, and all of our 201+ Class Instructors are happy to help show you things at any of the RP&I events, as time allows.

Why is this the policy? Because we have a lot we want to teach you!

So then what happens after class?

Well, then you get to practice what you have learned! We have the three RP&I events each month and the Rope Lab & Practice (RL&P) event once a month, at which you can practice to your heart’s content! We also have the All Tied Up Rope Munch once a month to help bunnies and Riggers meet, so you can find people with whom to practice *(with drinks and food and board games, because fun).*

Hey, what’s with that plus sign you keep putting after “201”?

You noticed that, did you! That means the class may also include some higher-level aspects from time-to-time, mostly as relate to soft skills and rope techniques, but only as part of 201-level instruction. This will not be a 401 level class; more advanced classes are offered by All Tied Up San Diego as Special Events, usually 2-3 times per year.

Every 201+ Class will include instruction on a specific tie, rope techniques, and soft skills.

Okay, I want to come, now what?

That’s fantastic! We can’t wait to see you!

Please contact us letting us know you would like to come.

As we said above, we DO expect that most of the current local community riggers and bottoms will have met the pre-requisites.

We want people to come to this class! (Otherwise it’s just Dan and Renee sitting around an empty room looking at each other, and we can do that at home.) But if for some reason it looks like you have not met the pre-requisites, we will let you know and explain how to change that.

If you have not messaged us to be approved to attend, but you arrive for class anyway, there is a very good chance you will be turned away at the door – which sucks for everyone involved, so please don’t do that.

Do you really need to be pre-approved to attend?

We have two goals for this class – we want you to learn something new and feel like you got your money’s worth. So if we suggest to you that your skill-level is such that we are afraid you will not feel like you got your money’s worth – because this will be a fast-paced, content-focused, and rigorous class – we are only intending to protect you (and all of us) from having a disappointing experience.

Can I come by myself?

No, we need every Rigger to bring at least one bottom. You can bring more than one bottom, but we don’t want any single Riggers or bottoms. Given the fast-paced nature of the class, we will not have time to try to match people up. And given the more advanced nature of the class, the Top and bottom will need to have already negotiated limits and restrictions ahead of time. However, single Riggers and bottoms can either try to meet each other at the Munch, or contact us and we will do our best to facilitate introductions!

I know I need to bring my own rope, safety cutters, floor covering, and blindfold. What else do I need to know?

We recommend you have at least three lengths of rope that are in the vicinity of 25 to 30 feet, and another length of rope right around 10 or 15 feet.

Who are the 201+ Class Instructors?

Class instructors are from within the local rope community -- they are experienced Riggers that can offer unique and engaging perspectives on their style of rope.

You MUST be pre-approved to attend this class.  If you show up and you are not approved, you will not be allowed to attend.

If you have questions please contact us!

Event Etiquette

What Do I Need to Come To An Event?


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