Event Etiquette

It is important for everyone in attendance to understand the etiquette that is expected during an All Tied Up event.

• Be respectful.
• Be responsible.
• Be aware.
• Be communicative.
• Be an adult (you are expected to take care of you).
• Take your shoes off.
• Don’t walk on someone else’s mat.
• Don’t be afraid to ask and don’t be hurt if the answer is no.
• Use inside voices – no loud conversations.
• Keep non-rope topics for non-rope events (headspace is critical).
• No DRAMA. You are an adult, you are responsible for you and your actions.

What activities are allowed?

For many people, rope is about the head space/energy exchange/connection that is achieved between the Top and the bottom. Therefore, we want to create an environment that encourages such a connection.

All Tied Up is NOT a time to do planned rope scenes that involve other activities that may disrupt the space. This is a time to practice and enjoy learning from others. Toys and non-rope play are not permitted during practice.

What that means is we want to keep items that are not incorporated INTO the tie from being used. In many cases that is clear cut, no floggers, whartenburg wheels, canes, etc. . . . for example.

It becomes a bit more complicated when things like clothespins, bamboo, or other non-rope items come into play.

The simple rule we are using is that the non-rope items must be incorporated into the tie. For example if I brought a steering wheel and tied it to the bottom, that would be incorporating it into the tie.

Adding things like clothespins to the nipples or mouth after the tie and without connection to the rope is an example of something NOT incorporated into the tie.

We WANT you to be creative and practice rope! Just make sure the items being used are part of the tie.

All Tied Up leadership and/or designated representatives will be monitoring the event. If you see something that you feel needs to be addressed, please bring your concerns to the leaders present. And please know:

Leadership Note: All Tied Up San Diego leadership reserves the right to interrupt any practice/tie to check-in with the Top/bottom if there is a perceived concern.

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