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Excellent Experience

April 5, 2018

The All Tied Up classes, rope community, and events have been an overwhelmingly positive part of my experience in San Diego. The knowledge and experience readily available through helpful staff, the unique focus on consent, safety, and risk education and awareness, and the obvious organization and thoroughness in classes makes ATU’s rope instruction invaluable to the new rigger or bottom. From the first munch and RP&I, the friendly and inclusive people who make up the community are an inseparable part of what makes ATU special. Will always consider ATU in San Diego my home for rope, and look forward to returning every time.

Caleb Aubrin

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Thank you! You are missed!

A Very informative and fun learning experience

April 5, 2018

Myself and Kissed by Fire attended our safety 101 class Held by Sir Knotty Dan and the All Tied Up San Diego team. We had a blast Dan was very Knowledgeable and pointed us in the right direction. We plan on Attending more All Tied up Events. The House of Black was very welcoming. I have never been to a Dungeon but I feel that Kissed By Fire and myself will become regulars to the Rope Community if the other events are as fun as this one.
We have a lot to learn and Dan and Renae seem like a fun loving open people who are there to help. Thank You All Tied Up. We will see you soon

Daddy_Darko & Kissed by Fire

Well-structured, but oblivious teacher.

March 8, 2018

The class itself was well structured and focused on rope-scene etiquette for the first hour or so and I thought that that was good. We went over three basic ties (column tie, double column tie and chest harness). The location was good, not great – it was a little crowded for the number of people they had. It would have been better if we had all been able to spread out on the floor and got a little more individual attention for each of the ties – people were all standing because there wasn’t much room and if you didn’t get the tie on the first or second try, you got left behind.
My major complaint: I went with a new rope top (I’m an experienced bottom), my partner wasn’t very good with the ties and Dan, the teacher, was getting frustrated with him. When my partner was confused, he would ask for clarification or just freeze and Dan would repeat exactly what he just said, but louder and with a little more annoyance. It’s very good practice for a teacher to learn to be patient and rephrase. It did not end up being a good time and I think my partner walked away from the experience not feeling very good about himself.

No thank you

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Yep, guilty as charged. I had the same comment about myself as I was driving home. Definitely an off night for me and I appreciate your feedback calling me on it! My apologies to you and your partner. If you should ever decide to give us another chance I would welcome the opportunity to improve on your experience. -Dan