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A Great Experience for Tops and Bottoms

February 4, 2018

We attended our first 201 class after having a great experience at several of the intro classes. The instructors and staff at ATU are top notch. They were very attentive to answering questions anyone had, and making sure everyone was making progress regardless of what level they were at. The atmosphere was very friendly, non-intimidating, and comfortable. I highly recommend All Tied Up for anyone interested in beginning or continuing their rope journey regardless of their skill level.

Casey B

+201 February edition

February 3, 2018

That was an amazing class. 5 stars! Applaudes and *wiggles. Wow the consent culture break down couldnt have been more on que, thank you for going over all forms of consent with a relatable example. The break down of the granny knot was awesome. Very simple in least amount of steps and words. A perfect pace.
I also loved the timed excersise at the end. I mean I know tying blind folded will increase time but I didnt know by that much after one experienece, beautifully portrayed :)I have been tying for a few years now and I love how theres always more to learn even in basic techniques. I am looking forward to this year learning even more with all of you.

Princess Sara


January 25, 2018

Fantastic class and teachers. Safe sane and consensual environment.