101 Level Class

101 Instructional Class

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Our 101 Rope Instructional Class, held during the RP&I events, is designed to help you progress in your rope skills.  It does not have a set scope and sequence, but rather is designed to provide you with access to instructors who can help you.

Generally the focus of the 101 will be on rigger hard skills and rope patterns for ties such as:

  • A Single Column with a Quick Release
  • A Double Column Tie
  • An Arms-Free Chest Harness (e.g., Shinju, Pentagram, Kimono)
  • Simple Futomomo (leg tie)
  • Diamond Body Harness (Hishi)
  • Hair Ties
  • Gauntlet/Laddering Ties

Additionally, we will help rope bottoms to understand the importance of giving feedback and speaking up during the tie.

Note: You will need a partner to attend this class, or you can tie on yourself.

Someone who is ready for our 201+ level can tie the following ties without needing any assistance or supervision.

  • Single Column Tie
  • Double Column Tie
  • An Arms Free Chest Harness

You might not be fast, but you know what to do!

The next levels of instruction are 201 and 301. The skills taught here might make your rope play more exciting, adventurous, sensuous, and torturous!